June 2017 Minutes

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle Minutes
june, 2017

Educational Instruction:

Meeting called to order at 2:01

Members present: Trish&Len Whitney, Gail&Ed Harris, Sandy Fisher, Tamara Marcotte, Jeff Ryman, David & Cathy Harrington, Brian Nolan & Sherri Feeney,

No guests present.
No education
Minutes Approval-
Officer reports-
Gail Harris Thank you to all for going through the trailer.
V-president: no report
Secretary: no report
Treasurer: no report

Discussion of having BCGS breeder referral inquiries all responded to in an email, as an educational tool for those that have no idea of the going price for a bulldog puppy. Invite them to a show or event.

BCSG specialty show July 7-8
Trish Whitney: its coming along. The premiums went out ok. Do we need more tables- are we having a raffle?
We talked about having an abbreviated version of the breed booth.
We will bring in one of our own tables if the cluster will allow us to.
Claudia is stewarding both days for us.
The show starts at 1:00 on Friday
Ed made a motion and Dave seconded it.
Approved to have appetizers at the Ram banquet on Friday evening instead of hospitality during the show. Depending on how many entries we receive we will come up with a budget for appetizers. We will bring a cooler with drinks available during our shows.
6:00 will be the dinner time at the Ram.

Tear down on Sat. Will be immediately after the specialty show.
Sandy will pick up Bridgett on Thursday from SeaTac. She leaves at 2:00 on Sat.

Maybe ask Tammy Thresher if she would be willing to take Bridgett back to the airport.

Cheryl Schmidt the photographer for our show will pick a nice place on the grounds for win pictures.
We will do a few raffle basket items. Tamara offered to do a wine basket.

Jeff volunteered Winn to do a coffee basket. And we have the leftover basket donated from Winn from nationals.
We will have our next meeting on Sunday after we show.
We will have donuts on Sat. Morning during our specialty show.

BCA Division officers-
Jeff, mentioned that Shawn is moving to Colorado to live with his son for a year or so.
Ed was nominated as a counselor
Cathy was nominated for board

Sherri will send an email to Tamara from BCGS with our nominees.

Tamara heard back from paws-a-bilities about our Halloween party. We can’t do Sat. We will have to decide on a Sunday. It was decided on Oct. 22nd.

Jay has offered to chair next years specialty show.

Bring nominations to next months meeting held after the specialty show for 2018 judges slate. We will vote at the August meeting. Also bring names of some all breed judges so we can have input on judges for the back-up show to the specialty.
Sandy reported that if we don’t hold obedience at the specialty show, we will loose our obedience status, for BCGS, we will still be able to do BCA division obedience.

Discuss slobberfest next months meeting.
Nominations next meeting.

Motion to adjourn.

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