December 2017 Meeting Notes

December 2017 Meeting Notes

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle Minutes
December , 2017

The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle
Monthly Meeting
December 2, 2017 at Christmas Party at Harris Home

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by President Gail Harris at 8:00 pm

MEMBERS PRESENT: Gail Harris, Ed Harris, Sandy Fisher, Dave Harrington, Cathy Harrington, Tricia Whitney, Leonard Whitney, Tamara Marcotte, Bud Colbath, Rosalie Colbath, Kathy Wilbert, Brian Nolan, Mia Carper, Ron Carper, Tammy Thresher, and Robin Harris

GUESTS: Roxanne and Titan



Report of President, Gail Harris: Thanks for coming to the Christmas Party at our home. Tonight will be a short meeting so we can enjoy the evening.

Report of Vice-President, Dave Harrington: None

Report of Secretary, Sherri Feeney: Absent, no report.

Report of Treasurer, Sandy Fisher: None

No Committee Reports

ELECTION OF NEW MEMBERS: The applications for Ellen Putman, Danica Smith and Sincirin Sou will be voted on at the January meeting.



Specialty Show 2018 (Jay Serion, Chairperson): Absent. No official report.

BCGS Obedience Trail: No official report.

Running of the Bulldogs t-shirts: Waiting to hear back from Jay Serion on a quote from his contact in Mexico.

Nominations of 2018 Officers: The 2018 Officers and Board Members were voted in as follows:
President: Dave Harrington
Vice President: Tricia Whitney
Secretary: Tamara Marcotte
Treasurer: Sandy Fisher
Board Members: Mia Carper, Cathy Harrington, and Jay Serion

Insurance Rider for OSBC: It was unanimously voted to not approve the insurance rider for the OSBC show in January. The club, however, would be willing to loan OSBC $315 (the estimated cost of a policy) with the agreement that it would be paid back by the end of the year.

2018 Meeting and Events Schedule: The January 2018 meeting will be held after bulldog judging at the Puyallup show at the Western WA Fairgrounds on Saturday, January 13, 2018. Judging times have not yet been announced. We will try to set an Events and Meeting Schedule at the January meeting.

Event Possibilities/Ideas for 2018: The club is considering adding new events during 2018 that will appeal to a wider audience such as CGC and Tricks classes/demonstrations, bbq’s, pancake breakfasts, etc. If anyone has thoughts on events they would like to see, please let any of the Officers or Board Members know. We would like to know what you want!

Seattle Kennel Club Breed Booth: The Seattle Kennel Club Show is scheduled for March 10-11, 2018. BCGS will host its annual and popular Breed Booth again and we are looking for volunteers to bring their friendly bulldogs and greet the public. No experience is necessary and the bulldogs love all the attention!

2018 BCA National Show: Ed Harris, Treasurer for the BCA 2018 National Show, wanted to remind everyone that BCA needs everyone’s help to make the show a success this year. The show will be help from October 29 to November 3, 2018 in Minneapolis, MN. Due to contract obligations, this show has a large amount of hotel night and food/drink minimums that they must meet. If the minimums are not met, BCA will have to pay and this will impact all members. We have two local members, Jeff Ryman and Winn Ryman, who will be judging. Ed and Gail Harris are planning on driving to the show and might be able to help transport any bulldogs whose owners would like to fly. There is a Facebook page dedicated to the 2018 BCA National Specialty Show that has current information and the website is While attending a national show is expensive, if there ever was a time to go, it’s now. There are also various fundraisers that are being held where proceeds will go towards the national show. BCA needs us to all to pitch in to help make this show a success.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:33 pm

Date of Next Meeting: Saturday, January 13, 2018 after bulldog judging (time TBD) at the Puyallup Show at W. WA Fairgrounds.

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