January 2018 Meeting minutes

January 2018 Meeting minutes

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle
Meeting Minutes– January 13, 2018
The Ram Restaurant, Puyallup WA

Members Present: Dave and Cathy Harrington, Jeff and Winn Ryman, Tamara Marcotte, Trish Whitney, Sandy Fisher, Melanie Trichler, Mia Carper, Brian Nolan, Kathy Wilbert, Paula Brockway

Guests: None

Educational Instruction: None at this time

Meeting Called to Order at 12:40 pm by President Dave Harrington

CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: M/S/C to approve minutes as published

Report of President: David Harrington
Welcome to you all and thank you for your support. I hope I can keep the momentum from 2017 going this year. As you will see down farther we have a great show planned and the Judges will work with us to keep cost down. I have been told that I’m a little pushy. If you feel this way don’t leave give me a call or pull me aside and talk to me. So let me in advance let me apologize to all I will make upset at me. (This is including my wife). I also know that I cannot do any off this without the club member’s support. I have heard from a few already. I have also have received help from some already. I want to thank you for helping me. If you have ideas on how we do get are inactive members active again. I’m open to suggestions. Already working with Rescue which is always fun.

Report of Vice President: Trish Whitney
Thanked everyone for attending the meeting. Looking forward to continuing to support the club and to support our new President.

Report of Secretary: Tamara Marcotte
Received from BCA Division V Secretary our Division V Club renewal. M/S/C to renew the club’s Division V membership. Gave the renewal application to the club treasure for processing and submittal to the Division V Treasurer.

Report of Treasurer: Sandy Fisher
Sandy presented the 2017 income expense sheet and reported a $928 loss for the year. Sandy also reported that there was a loss of $1,181 for the specialty show.


We have a new advertising focal!! Melanie Trichler has graciously accepted to take on our once vacant advertising position. Thanks, Melanie!!


Legislation Liaison:
Brian Nolan has volunteered to be our new legislative liaison. Thanks Brian… we know he will do a great job!!

Newsletter (Tamara Marcotte): The December newsletter has gone out and January’s is in the works. Pictures and news articles are always welcome.

Public Education: No Report

Ways and Means: No Report

Website (David Harrington): There is a new Calendar on the website under Activities

Social Media (Sandy Fisher and Mia Carper)
Working to update the club’s FaceBook page and putting more information about club events and education.

ELECTION OF NEW MEMBERS: M/S/C to accept Ellen Putman, Danica Smith, and Sincirin Sou


2018 Meeting and Events Schedule and Calendar: Still need to schedule events and meetings for 2018. David Harrington has contacted Lou from Bulldog Haven NW to see what we can join.

New Member Letters: Sandy Fisher and Tamara Marcotte worked on coming up with a letter that can be sent to new members once approved. Sandy sent the letter (along with a Christmas Party flyer) to our October new members. Would also like to come up with some other information that could be sent to new members. What is available in our handouts that would be appropriate?

CGC and Tricks Titles Classes: Looking into holding Canine Good Citizen and Tricks introduction or classes for members and guests. This will help the non-show club members. Sandy Fisher mentioned the possibility of doing a meet the trainer class and monthly meet up to get ready for taking the CGC and/or Tricks novice tests to receive AKC titles in conjunction with Slobberfest or as standalone. She will work with her trainer Shawna, as she would be willing to get her AKC CGC Evaluator credentials.

Awards for Champions/Titles: The BCA gives out awards for new Champions. Dave Harrington suggested we do the same thing for club members. These would be not just for Champions but any new title. Cost should be 15 dollars or less. Will consider what the cost for a small plaque would be similar to what BCA does at the division level. Dave Harrington still working on cost, so we can get approval

Insurance Rider for OSBC: The OSBC had previously requested that we place them on our insurance policy for their January show. This was voted down in December. The OSBC purchased their own insurance. We need to look at changing ours since theirs is $300 cheaper than what we are paying.

2019 Show Back to Red Lion: Not sure if everyone has had a chance to read the email from Jeff Ryman. He is proposing that in 2019 we team up with OSBC for the specialty shows. Not sure of the cost as it is really far out, however the shows at the Red Lion have been fun. The cost will be split between clubs. This should help us and the OSBC club. M/S/C to pursue the proposal of the 2019 show back to the Red Lion in Olympia.

Running with the Bulldogs Specialty Shirts: Sandy Fisher was waiting to hear back from Jay as he mentioned he had a friend in Mexico that he would like to run the project through. No word yet so it is proposed that we use Rushordertees.com as they did our Slobberfest t-shirts. Just need to decide on quantity and colors of shirts. Also, do we offer pre-orders for sweatshirts and hoodies?

2018 Specialty Show:
Judges: David Harrington has verified that all judges have contracts. They have all agreed to a one night stay and to keep ticket under $600. Zac Lane will have us split cost with Dallas.

Ribbon Upgrade: Dlarnor Kennels have said they will help pay for ribbon up grade. Trying to get a catalog to order from.

Raffle/Auction Donations: Looking for people to make donations for raffle / auction items

Barbeque for Saturday: Looking for someone to help find a park for Barbecue Saturday instead of going to Ram (this will cut cost) and dogs could come.

RV Parking: Heard that RV parking had no place to walk dogs…is this true? Can we use the RV parking area for a Barbecue?

Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show Breed Booth: BCGS usually reserves two booths next to Bulldog Haven NW. Cost is $125-150. M/C/S to approve reserving breed booth. Also, need volunteers for the booth and Meet the Breed.

Vet Outreach Packets: Melanie Trichler
•BCA Health Committee has put together “Vet Outreach” packets to be distributed to veterinarians, not only to help improve the Bulldog’s reputation with vets, but also to help them educate their clients that our breed is not the unhealthy mess that the media has claimed.

•To reach these vets, we need your help! Volunteers are requested to take a packet with them to their next vet visit. While you’re there, take a few minutes to go through the packet with your vet and ask for their support. There are also a few tri-fold pamphlets that they can keep on-hand to distribute to their clients who are considering breeding.

•IMPORTANT! Try to have your vet complete the feedback form while you’re there so you can take the form and return it to Elizabeth Milam. If you aren’t able to take the form back during the visit, we risk the chance that the vet will be too busy or forget to return it. If you absolutely must leave the form with the vet, please encourage them to return it to Elizabeth in a timely manner.

•If you would like a packet to take to your vet, please contact Melanie Trichler (mnmbulldogs@comcast.net).

Breeder Referral Program: David Harrington is proposing that the club changes this program to have a fee of $30. M/S/C to charge a $30 fee to be part of the breeder referral program.



January 17-21 – Portland Shows
February 23-26 – Albany Show
March 10-11 Seattle Kennel Club Show

Need Idea for get together

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm

Date of Next Meeting – February 3, 2018 3:00 pm at Berliner Pub, 221 Main St, Renton WA

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