2014 October Meeting Minutes

2014 October Meeting Minutes

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2014

Members Present: Heather Dietz, Tamara Marcotte, Len and Trish Whitney, Jeff and Winn Ryman, Joan Johnson, Gail and Ed Harris

Guests: Teresa Mallare

Educational Instruction: None

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER at 7:31pm by President Heather Dietz

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: M/S/C to approve the agenda as written

Approval of Minutes: M/S/C to approve the agenda as written

Report of President (Heather Dietz): Nothing to report.

Report of Vice President (Tamara Marcotte): No report this month.

Report of Secretary (Kim Dailey): Absent due to family emergency, Tamara scribed minutes on Kim’s behalf.

Report of Treasurer (Sandy Fisher): Sandy was unable to attend however made the financial reports available.

Advertising (Robin Harris): No report

Bulltique (VACANT): It was great having the Bulltique back at the specialty show and Slobberfest. It was a collaborative effort in manning the booth that seems to work well. Special thanks to Kim Dailey as well as Gail and Ed Harris for coordinating

Legislation Liaison (Peg Bauer): Absent this month

Newsletter (Tamara Marcotte):
Newsletter will be out later this week. Can always use new pictures and ideas.

Public Education (Kim Dailey): Absent
Ways and Means (VACANT): No report

Website ( Lexi Ryman): Website is looking great. Lexi will add Dave and Cathy Harrington to the list of breeders.



2016 BCA Nationals (Jeff Ryman): Jeff reported that the Division is well underway in the planning stages for the 2016 Nationals. Committees are starting to form. If you are interested in being on any of the committees, please get in touch with Jeff Ryman. Also suggestions for the show theme are needed.

2015 Generic Specialty Shows Fundraiser
Jeff also reported that in 2015 BCA Division 5 is sponsoring a series of generic specialties in order to fund raise for Nationals 2016. In January 2015 set your schedule for both the Puyallup and Rose City cluster of shows.
Jan 10-12: Puyallup Cluster, Western Washington Fairgrounds, Puyallup Washington (BaRay)
Sat: Claudia Brown
Sat: Winn Ryman
Sun: Michael Loller
Mon: Beth Lachnitt

Jan 14 – 18: Rose City Cluster, Portland Expo Center, Portland Oregon (Onofrio)
Wed: Sherri Feeney (Sweeps)
Patricia Ropp (Jrs & Conformation)
Thu: Janice Pardue
Fri: David Kirkland
Sat: Peggy Dillard Carr
Sun: Lawrence Terricone
Halloween Party (Tamara Marcotte): Sunday, October 19 at Paws-Abilities in Fife from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. The event info and flyer is on the BCGS website and Facebook page. Tamara will also had Kim sent an email to the club membership. Paws-Abilities gave us a “club” rate of $75 for four hours. We have the room from 2:00 – 4:00, which gives us time for set-up and clean-up. Tamara will chair the party, but would love to have a couple volunteers to help with set-up/decorating and clean-up. The party will be similar to past Halloween parties, with a costume parade/contest, bobbing for hot dogs, and lots of snacks and goodies for the humans, and we will end with doggie playtime since the room is perfectly equipped for it.

2015 Specialty Shows and Judges Selection:
Winn Ryman has been selected as the 2015 Specialty Show Chairperson. We will be hosting a 3-day show that back up to the Nisqually Show in August. Tentative dates for the 2015 Specialty show are August 10-12, 2015.

We are taking suggestions for themes for next year’s show. Current suggestions are SuperBull (wear your favorite sports team jersey), Caddy Shack (golf theme), Cabo-wabull (tropical theme).

Voting on judges also took place with the following selections pending acceptance and availability:
George Lai
Stacy Gann
Randy Kelly

Alternatives are available if necessary.

We are still in need of Sweepstakes and Obedience Judges and gladly taking suggestions that can be sent to any of the Board members or Show Chair Winn Ryman.

Nominating Committee for 2015 BCGS Election (Heather Dietz):

The nominating committee for the 2015 BCGS Election of Officers and Board are: Gail Harris, Joan Johnson, and Trish Whitney. They will be bringing forward the slate to the November 3rd meeting. During the meeting the floor will be open for any additional nominations.

BCA Division V Championship Plaques (Linda Kilgore)
I know we’ve had some new Conformation and Performance champions in Division V this year. I’ve heard from a few of you, but I know there are more of you out there, so let me hear from YOU about your NEW TITLES! You and your Bulldog deserve to be recognized with a Division V plaque for your hard work.
I need information NOW from all Division V members if your Bulldog has earned an AKC Conformation and/or Performance title from October 2013 through October 2014. Plaques for CGC titles will be awarded only if the same dog is receiving a plaque for another title. CGC will not be awarded as a stand-alone title.
The following information is needed no later than NOVEMBER 1, 2014:
Name of Owner(s) Registered name of Bulldog
Title earned Date and where (SHOW) title won
This information needs to be received via e-mail or postal-mail no later than November 1, 2014. I will not receive any information over the telephone. Linda Kilgore: PO Box 5145 Klamath Falls, OR 97601 or weslinbulldogs@gmail.com.

Christmas Party
The Christmas Party/December Club meeting will be held on December 13th beginning at 6:00 at the home of Tamara Marcotte in Kent, WA. There will be a potluck so bring your favorite side dish, salad, or dessert. A ham, dinner rolls, coffee, water and soda pop will be provided. You are welcome to bring your favorite adult beverage.

There will be a wine and spirits basket raffle again this year. Please get in touch with Tamara Marcotte (tamaramarcotte@yahoo.com) if you would like to donate to the basket.

We will also being having a gift exchange during the party. $20 limit on the gift that is bulldog/pet related.

Brunch after Monroe Dog Show All members and friends are invited to a Bulldog Brunch after the Saturday (November 15th) Monroe dog show. Brunch will be held in Snohomish at The Old Inn (503 3rd St, Snohomish, WA) Approximate time is 10:00am-1:00pm Even if you are not showing in Monroe, come join for Drinks, Breakfast/Brunch and Bulldog Camaraderie. Leashed dogs are welcome in the bar.

Food/Refreshments for Upcoming Meetings
November 3 – Gail Harris

NEW APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP: The following applications were approved: Andrew Bucher, Ron and Mia Carper, Ronald Romualdo, Paul Gray.


Shows & Events

October 9-10: Idaho Capital City Kennel Club (Boise, ID)
October 11-12: Lizard Butte Kennel Club (Boise, ID)
October 19th: BCGS Halloween Party (Paws-Abilities, Fife, WA)
October 25-26: Vancouver Kennel Club (Ridgefield, WA)
November 1-2: Southern Oregon Kennel Club (Central Point, OR)
November 13-14: Umpqua Kennel Club (Roseburg OR)
November 15-15: Rogue Valley Kennel Club (Roseburg, OR)
November 15-16: Whidbey Island Kennel Club (Monroe, WA)

Meeting was adjourned at 9:12pm.

Date of Next Meeting – November 3, 2014

Raffle: None this month
Brags: None


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