BCGS Minutes Nov 2014

BCGS Minutes Nov 2014

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle Meeting Minutes
November 3,2014

Members Present: Ed and Gail Harris, Kim Dailey, Heather Dietz, Tamara Marcotte, Bud Colbath, Pegg Bauer

Guests: none

Educational Instruction: none

The meeting was called to order by President Heather Dietz at 7:32 pm

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: M/S/C to approve the agenda as written.


Report of President (Heather Dietz): Thanks for coming tonight. Thank you Tamara Marcotte for setting up the Halloween party last month. I heard there were a lot of people and bullies in attendance and everyone had a great time.

Report of Vice President (Tamara Marcotte):No Report

Report of Secretary (Kim Dailey): No report

Report of Treasurer (Sandy Fisher):
Sandy emailed copies of the balance sheet and bank statements for review but was not in attendance. Combined savings and checking accounts to avoid additional charges.

2015 Specialty Shows (Wynn Ryman):

Dates: Monday – Wednesday,

Show Chairman: Winn Ryman

Location: Undetermined

Superintendent: Undetermined

Committees: If you are interested in helping with a committee, please contact Winn Ryman

Judges: Stacy Gann, George Lai, Randy Kelly.
Sweepstakes Judges: undetermined

Theme Nominations: Possible themes for the specialty show are: Caddyshack (Golf Theme), Cabo WaBull and Superbull (Sports/Football theme). We will vote on the theme at the Christmas party Dec. 13.

Advertising (Robin Harris): No report this month

Bulltique (Kim Dailey): Would like to get some new items and want to keep the Bulltique going.

Legislation Liaison (Peggy Bauer): Enumclaw did not drop breed ban. Will email future info to Kim.

Newsletter (Tamara Marcotte): The October newsletter is complete and sent out. Working on Nov.

Public Education (Kim Dailey):

Ways and Means (VACANT): Position is vacant and looking for a volunteer for this position.

Website (Lexi Ryeman): No report

ELECTION OF NEW MEMBERS: No new member applications to approve



Halloween Party Recap (Tamara Marcotte): Thanks to Tamara for hosting the party. We had a good time with it. We were really pleased with the turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The room at Paws-Abilities was perfect! It’s completely dog-friendly and the dogs, kids and owners all had fun with the play equipment (tunnels, hoops, jumps, toys, etc). There were lots of great costumes, some awesome hot dog bobbers, and really delicious snacks and goodies. All in all, a huge success! Thanks again to all who were there!

Get together on Nov. 15th after the Monroe show. (Jeff Ryman)

Christmas Party (Tamara Marcotte): This year the BCGS Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 13th at the home of Tamara Marcotte in Kent, WA. Look for the event flyer to come out soon. This will be a potluck dinner with a brief December meeting and election of new officers for 2015 Everyone is asked to bring your favorite side dish or dessert. We will also do a gift exchange. Each person wanting to participate should bring a wrapped, bulldog-related gift valued at approximately $20.
It was brought up whether or not we want to do a Wine/Spirits Basket Raffle again during the Christmas party. M/S/C to have the raffle during the Christmas Party. Tamara Marcotte volunteered to put the basket together and to solicit for additional items. M/S/C for $100 to buy goodies for the basket.

501c3 Status Update (Rich Ball/Ed Harris): The IRS has requested additional information. Request was sent to Jeff and Ed.

SKC Breed Booth- (Heather / Kim / Tamara) Information to be emailed to Kim regarding breed booth and Tamara for meet the breed.

2016 BCA Nationals (Jeff Ryman): Planning is underway!
BCGS Election for 2015 (Gail): Open nominations from the floor. The slate from our nominating committee is:
President – Heather Dietz
Vice President – Tamara Marcotte
Secretary – Kim Dailey
Treasurer – Sandy Fisher
Board – Leonard Whitney, Trish Whitney, Jeff Ryman.

All candidates are requested to provide a short bio (50 words or less) to the club secretary by November 30
The election will take place at our Christmas party on December 13th. Members must be present to vote.


2014 Membership Renewals (Sandy Fisher): Sandy will be mailing out membership renewals in November. Donations for Bulldog rescues are greatly appreciated. The decision was made to keep the membership dues to $20 and to keep the option of donating to a Bulldog rescue of your choice. Bulldog Haven NW / Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue / BCGS general fund.

Food/Refreshments for Upcoming Meetings
December 2014: Christmas Party
January 2015: TBD

NEW APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP: There was one new application for membership from Theresa Mallare


Shows & Events

Nov. 13-14: Umpqua Kennel Club (Roseburg, OR
Nov. 15-16: Rogue Valley Kennel Club (Roseburg, OR)
Nov. 15-16: Whidbey Island Kennel Club (Monroe, OR)
Dec. 4-5 Oregon State Bulldog Club (Ridgefield, WA)
Dec. 6-7: Greater Clark County Kennel Club (Ridgefield, WA)

Dec. 6: BCA Division V Biennial Meeting of the Members (Ridgefield, WA)

Meeting was adjourned at 8:44 pm

Date of Next Meeting – December 13, 2014

Raffle: None
Brags: None


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