August 2017 Meeting notes

August 2017 Meeting notes

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle Minutes
August, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:28
Members present: Trish&Len Whitney, Gail&Ed Harris, Sandy Fisher, Jay Serion, Brian Nolan. .

Joining via conferencing: Sherri Feeney.
No guests present. No education.
Approval of Agenda Minutes
Approval- did anyone see the minutes? Yes, in the July newsletter.
Minutes approved.
Officer reports

President: Gail Harris Ordered 50 Men’s and Woman’s t-shirts in various sizes and colors. Will fold them up and keep them in ziplock bags for storing.

V-president: no report

Secretary- no report

Treasurer: gave $50. to Jeff. Received $150.00 back from Puyallup Cluster. Renewed insurance policy. Any volunteers are not covered. Need to look into officer liability coverage. Sandy handed out a profit and loss statement from 2010 to current. Bank balance-net incomespeciality show gain/losses. All 8 years. Discussion on having major fundraisers which we did in the years 2010-2012. The quilt was a big one at the 2011 specialty show. We have 85 members with 59 memberships sold. Discussed slobberfest t-shirt costs. Gail thanked Sandy for putting this statement together.

Old business:
discussion on ways to raise funds for the club. We set a goal of bringing in $1000.00. $450.00 in t-shirts. An online auction for fundraising for our show.

Advertising: none Bulltique: none

Public education: none

Ways and means: none

Website: Dave Harrington

New member applications: none

New breeder applications: none

Question was asked about how do we get new members? And keep our expenses down. Discussion and ideas, such as social media to promote shows instead of paying for ads. Breeders signing up new puppy buyers as members. A promo idea for new members of getting a t-shirt for 1/2 price.
Educating the public, understanding the breed before you purchase in trying to help prevent rescues. 2018

Specialty show- Jay Serion show chairman: our three judges are Dr. John Little, Zach Lane, Dara Carr.

Sweeps judges- we need to come up with some names. Look on the BCA website to see of people looking for assignments who would like to judge. We’d like to come up with 5 names through email this week.

Haven’t heard back from Puyallup Cluster on all breed judges for the back-up show yet.

Looking into eliminating bulldogger advertising for the show. Looking for a theme for next years show.

Motion and approved to use: Running of the Bulls as the theme.
Reservation to be made at the Ram for the banquet.
Randy Roberts will be our show photographer.

Slobberfest Sept. 9 2017-Marymoor Park:

Cathy Wilbert from Bullhaven NW will assist with Slobberfest.
Sandy has ordered (and donated?) a 4×8 banner for education at our events. There will be gift bags for the first 50 attendees at Slobberfest. Animal Emergency will be there. There will be raffle baskets filled with various donations.
Hopefully a microchip clinic, nail dremeling, American Ninja Bully contest with tire jump, weave poles,etc.
A wet bathing suit contest-for bully’s. Longest shortest tail contest, and various others, like years in the past. (Pool?)
photographer will be there for candids.
Bulldog Haven is doing the BBQ. Would like to put flyers up in local pet shops.
Sandy and Gail will be putting flyers up advertising Slobberfest.
The BCGS obedience trial will be on 12/09/2017 in Bow, Wa. Cheryl Knapp has secured our location. It has limited parking as well as a smaller indoor facility, so we are limited on entries.
We will look into Argus Ranch and try to secure their facility for a large stand alone obedience trial in the future.

Halloween Party: Sandy has created a flyer and event for the party to be held on Oct. 22nd at Paws-a-bilities.
Discussion was continued on ideas of bringing in more members and revenue into the club.
Such as 4-6 month puppy matches.
Inviting BullHaven people/volunteers to join our club. Having health clinics and what kinds?
Len brought up shirt tailing BullHaven events since they are so active.
Doing World of Dogs. Inviting BullHaven to co-host our Halloween party.

Motion to Adjourn.

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