September 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle Minutes
September , 2017

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by President Gail Harris at approx. 2:00 pm after Slobberfest

MEMBERS PRESENT: Gail Harris, Ed Harris, Len Whitney, Sandy Fisher, David Harrington, Cathy Harrington, and Kathy Wilbert




Report of President, Gail Harris: I’d like to begin by thanking Sandy and Kathy for all their hard work putting Slobberfest together this year!! It’s quite a commitment to put together an event like this and I think they did a tremendous job of organizing a great event for us.

Report of Vice-President, David Harrington: Thanked the Slobberfest Committee on its hard work and great turn-out. 

Report of Secretary, Sherri Feeney: Absent, no report.

Report of Treasurer, Sandy Fisher: I was not able to do a monthly financial report due to preparations for Slobberfest, however there was little activity for the month. The club sent a check to the BCA Charitable Fund for $199. This was a mandatory donation stemming from the Nationals event. Ed and Gail Harris made a $250 donation to offset this expense. Thank you both!
ADDENDUM: Slobberfest had a net profit of $537.85 this year. Income: $650.00 in t-shirt sales, $226.00 in raffle ticket sales, $83.00 from shared BBQ proceeds, $25.00 from nail dremeling, $92.50 from BHNW for their half of the park rental/insurance fee and $40 from two new memberships. Expenses: $386.40 in t-shirt production expenses, $7.25 in Square credit card fees and $185.00 for the prepayment of the park rental/insurance fee.

Advertising: Vacant. No report.

Bulltique: Vacant. No report.

Legislation Liaison: Vacant. No report.

Newsletter (Tamara Marcotte): September newsletter was published on September 6th. Tamara still needs photos so send them in!

Public Education: Vacant. No report.

Ways and Means: Vacant. No report.

Website (David Harrington): No report

*If anyone is interested in these Committees, please let Gail Harris, President or another Board Member know. We would love to get you involved!



Specialty Show 2018 (Jay Serion, Chairperson): No official report. Sandy Fisher reported that she is working with a graphic artist on the logo design.

Slobberfest (Sandy Fisher, Chairperson): Slobberfest was a great event. We had a wonderful turnout and had some fun activities for everyone. Thankfully the weather was bulldog perfect! Thank you to Bulldog Haven NW for co-hosting this event and I look forward to working with them next year to make it even better. The banner that I had printed up (based on a design provided by BCA) was fantastic and really was eye catching in the booth.

Thanks to Kathy Wilbert for helping out before the event and with set-up. Kathy and Pumpkin were an awesome welcoming committee as well as they handed out the fun gift bags! Thanks to Gail and Ed Harris for bringing the trailer down to Marymoor and helping with set-up and for their hard work selling t-shirts and raffle tickets and manning the BCGS booth. Thanks to Len Whitney for nail dremeling! It was a great team effort! The bulldogs that attended had a great time doing the American Ninja Bulldog Obstacle Course. It showed even those skeptical owners that their bulldog could do an activity like that and keep their bullies active. Thanks to our vendors, sponsors and donors: Animal Emergency & Specialty (AES), K9 Aquatics, Two Hounds and a Cat Photography, Zentek Clothing and Petsmart PetHotel Overlake Bellevue. AES provided gift bag goodies and three raffle prizes. K9 Aquatics provided gift bag goodies, toys and treats for the American Ninja Bulldog event and a raffle basket. Two Hounds provided a raffle prize and took the many wonderful photos of the event that you can see on Facebook and in the newsletter. Zentek provided a raffle prize and Petsmart provided gift bag goodies. Thanks to everyone that helped out! Can’t wait for next year!

Slobberfest/Bulldog T-shirts: We sold 35 of the 50 t-shirts that were ordered for Slobberfest. We will take inventory and offer to sell the remaining on Facebook.

Halloween Party: Scheduled for October 22nd at Paws-Abilities in Fife. Looking to get BHNW involved in the party for next year. Would need larger venue.

BCGS Obedience Trail: No report

Nominations of 2018 Officers: We need to form a Nominating Committee at the meeting today in order to put together a slate of officers to serve the club for the next year beginning January 2018. This committee needs to consist of three members and two alternates, not more than one may be a member of the Board. The committee must meet (or correspond via email) on or before October 15, 2017. The nominating committee will send a report of their nominees, one for each office and three candidates for the three Board positions, to the club Secretary on or before October 30, 2017. Additional nominations may be made at the November club meeting. Elections will occur at the December club meeting/Christmas Party.

NEW APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP: Steve & Tricia Schrek and Suzi & Abby Crickmore

Meeting Adjourned at 3:30 pm

Date of Next Meeting: October 22, 2017 at Paws-Abilities in Fife (after Halloween Party)

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