October 2017 Meeting Notes

October 2017 Meeting Notes

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The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle Minutes
October , 2017

The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle
Monthly Meeting
October 22, 2017 at Paws-Abilities

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by Vice President Dave Harrington at approx. 3:30 pm after the Halloween Party

MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Harrington, Cathy Harrington, Tricia Whitney, Leonard Whitney, Tamara Marcotte, Bud Colbath, Rosalie Colbath, Brian Nolan, Sandy Fisher, Mia Carper, Ron Carper




Report of President, Gail Harris: Absent, no report.

Report of Vice-President, Dave Harrington: 

Report of Secretary, Sherri Feeney: Absent, no report.

Report of Treasurer, Sandy Fisher: Not much activity for the month. We currently have an operating loss of $2,609 for the year. The major expenses were the 2016 BCA Nationals ($776), 2017 BCGS Specialty Shows ($1,130) and Club Insurance ($645).

Advertising: Vacant. No report.

Bulltique: Vacant. No report.

Legislation Liaison: Vacant. No report.

Newsletter (Tamara Marcotte): October newsletter was published on October 17th. Tamara would like to have members provide her with information on new titles and achievements (showing, performance, health, etc) so these can be spotlighted in the newsletter. Tamara still needs photos so please send them in! Send in your Halloween and Holiday photos to share with everyone! Also, if you come across any interesting articles that would be of interest to other members, please submit them to Tamara.

Public Education: Vacant. No report.

Ways and Means: Vacant. No report.

Website (David Harrington): No report

*If anyone is interested in these Committees, please let Gail Harris, President or another Board Member know. We would love to get you involved!

ELECTION OF NEW MEMBERS: Steve & Tricia Schrek and Suzi & Abby Crickmore were approved for membership. Their membership will run through 2018 since approved in the last quarter of the calendar year.



Specialty Show 2018 (Jay Serion, Chairperson): Absent. No official report.
Logo and Shirt design: Sandy Fisher reported that she worked with a graphic artist to have a design made in order to use as a show logo and t-shirt fundraiser. The design is two-sided (front and back of shirt). Discussion on how to incorporate club name on shirts. Sandy will get more information on pricing and printing options and have them at the November meeting.
Advertising: We would like to start advertising the show so we need to work on getting a flyer made. Dave Harrington will touch base with Jay for more information.
Puyallup Show Judges: Discussion on the bulldog/all-breed judges that were recommended to the Puyallup Show Chair. Dave Harrington will touch base with Jay for an update.
Sweeps Judges: The names presented for Sweeps Judges were Leta Graham, Lynda McLain, and Crystal Bennet. The selection process was made via email and the prospective judges will be contacted directly.

Halloween Party: We had a wonderful turnout and there were some awesome costumes. All the bullies were so cute! There was a costume contest with the following awards: Best Costume: Smoking Hot Grandma; Most Original Costume: Blind Referee (Fynn); Scariest Costume: Frankenstein. Lou Green from Bulldog Haven NW was in attendance with Sammy. Thank you so much for participating. We are looking to get Bulldog Haven NW more involved in the party for next year so we will look for some location alternatives that would provide a larger venue.

BCGS Obedience Trail: No official report. We need to start advertising this event so updates are needed.

Nominations of 2018 Officers: The Nominating Committee provided the following slate for the 2018 Officers and Board Members:

President: Dave Harrington
Vice President: Tricia Whitney
Secretary: Tamara Marcotte
Treasurer: Sandy Fisher
Board Members: Cathy Harrington, Leonard Whitney and Mia Carper

Additional nominations may be made at the November club meeting. If the nominated member is not present, written acceptance must be provided (can be email). Elections will occur at the December club meeting/Christmas Party.

Social Media Coordinator: Discussion was had on having a social media coordinator. This person would handle the Facebook page and make sure that it stays current and updated with meeting information, event pages for upcoming events, promoting events, posting interesting bulldog related information, etc. Mia Carper volunteered to be the coordinator. She will work with Sandy Fisher to become an Administrator on the page. We will also look into whether the page is set up in the most efficient manner.

Event Possibilities/Ideas for 2018: Discussions on ideas for different kinds of events that the club could offer. Among these ideas were: Pancake breakfast, Heath clinics, Class with Dog Trainer on working with reactive bulldogs, Meet the Breeder/Vet/Trainer/etc.

Bulldog-Related Items Auction Page on Facebook: Jay Serion has created a Facebook group/page where bulldog fanciers can list bulldog items for auction. Proceeds must benefit bulldog clubs and bulldog rescues. Please search for “bulldog-related items auction” on Facebook to participate. Current items include The Bulldog, A Monograph by Edgar Farman (a highly sought after bulldog book) and a Bulldogger Ad design. More items added each week!


Meeting Adjourned at 4:26 pm

Date of Next Meeting: November 6, 2017 in Bellevue location. Meeting can be attended in person or by video or phone conference.

Upcoming Events: Christmas Party at Ed & Gail Harris’ home in Preston on December 2, 2017 at 6pm.

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